Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel Review

College Park, GA
mid-scale Hotel
2 Double | Room 516

Bottom Line

What we loved

  • The hotel was built in 2017 and is still in good condition considering the high transient occupation.
  • The room is spacious with a desk, a seating area & a small armchair with laptop tray.
  • Free access to the airport via the nearby sky train.
  • Premium wifi, once connected, was fast. Was able to have several Zoom meetings in the room with no issues.
  • SmartTV worked ok, the remote was sluggish & it frequently & randomly would sign out of YouTube.
  • The room had ample outlets.
  • The AC unit worked well & the room was cold.
  • The hotel has ample seating in the lobby. The ambiance is very modern & we liked the overall aesthics.

What we did not like

  • Walls are thin, you can hear everything in the hallways & we could clearly hear the TV of the person in the connecting room.
  • We arrived close to midnight & the check-in gentleman, while polite & jovial, was doing the bare minimum. He told us incorrect information about the package we purchased & only went to ask someone else for confirmation after I asked follow up questions. He did not tell us where the gym was, how to access the wifi, or the restaurant hours. It was "welcome & here are your keys".
  • We were charged $45 for parking however we did not have a car. We surmise the parking check box was left on in our folio during check-in. We alerted the hotel to the error on day 2 and they removed the charges, however on day 3 we were charged $45 again.
  • We booked a rate with $25 F&B credit. When we checked-in the sole restaurant available for the credit was closed. Even after speaking with several different front desk agents over the course of 3 days about how to use our 1st day credit, we were unable to use.
  • Being an airport hotel, there were not that many (good) restaurants within walking distance.
  • The curtains in our room had stains on them & the curtains do overlap enough to keep out the morning sun.
  • View is of the parking lot and there is a train that comes through once a day that is quite loud.
  • No key card needed to access or move the elevator. The "5" floor button was rubbed off in the one (of two) elevator that seemed to be working.
  • The innerspring mattress had a sink in it & I had to rotate the mattress to get a good night's sleep. The 4 pillows provided were all the same & the too soft.
  • The Marriott Titanium lounge is small & does not open on the weekends.


Renaissance Atlanta airport is a great overnight base if you are going to a Dream WNBA game or need a room close to the airport.

Hotel Techology & Amenities

Very Fast

Internet Speed


This internet speed is great for:

Web Browsing


Zoom Meetings

Streaming Music

Streaming Youtube

Streaming HD Movies

Streaming 4k Movies

TV Ports, Plugs & other tech

Availiable in the room/hotel:


Key Card needed for Elevator


Guest In-Room Tablet


Mobile Key Access


Chromecast/Smart TV


Wired Internet


Hospitality App/Texting

Hotel Amentities

Breakdown of ameities availiable in the room:

Generic Coffee

Coffee Machine Type


Toothpaste, Mouthwash etc.


Useable Fridge



Wall Mounted

Soap Type


Other Amenities

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