Morton’s North Miami Beach Steakhouse – Miami Spice 2017 Review

Miami, FL

August in South Florida means it is time for Miami Spice. During Miami Spice, high-end restaurants offer a prix fixe brunch, lunch, and/or dinner menu. There are over 200 restaurants participating, and on Saturday I went to Morton’s North Miami Beach Steakhouse.

I made a reservation for 630pm EST and upon arrival, to an almost empty restaurant, was promptly seated. My waiter, Alex, came by & provided the menu & then the specials. I asked for the Miami Spice Menu, which he left to retrieve.

For $39 you choose one appetizer (normally soup or salad), one entree with a side, and one dessert. I chose the Caesar salad, the 6oz filet (medium) with Lyonnaise potatoes, and the Morton’s Hot Chocolate Cake, which is a $6 upcharge.

Reading the reviews, the downfall of this restaurant is in the price. For Miami Spice, the price point is right, as it cost $50 (food + tax) for my Miami Spice meal. In comparison, without Miami Spice, the total cost would have been $52 for the salad and steak, $2 more without a dessert.

Another downfall is the 3% mandatory surcharge. On my check, I noticed it said “Due to the rising cost of doing business in this location, including the cost associated with higher minimum wage rates, a 3% surcharge has been added to your bill“. This was not listed in the menu nor explained by the staff, so it came as an unpleasant surprise. While not a deal breaker on a $50 Miami Spice meal, at regular prices, the 3% could leave a bad taste.

Overall, it was a great experience. While I was hesitant to come based on their 2.5 Yelp rating, I had a 4-star experience. The staff was very attentive, always filling water glasses & clearing plates of the finished food. The food was delicious: the salad was crisp, the steak was tender & the cake was warm & crunchy. However, knowing their price structure, I would not come back.

Have you been to Morton’s? Have you tried Miami Spice? Did you have a good experience?

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