Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken Review

Denver, CO (Colfax location)

"Korean-style fried chicken uses an Asian frying technique that renders out the fat in the skin, transforming it into a thin, crackly, and almost transparent crust. With more than 20 years of chef experience, Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken was brought to Colorado by long-time prolific restauranteur JW Lee with the goal of introducing new cuisine to the Denver area." - Mono Mono KFC


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Bottom Line

What we loved

  • Great price, so much food for $39!
  • Good service, the waitress during our visit was prompt & courteous.
  • The food came out hot & was cooked perfectly. The sauces on the side were a great compliment to the meal.

What we did not like

  • No hot water is available to make a cup of tea


At $39 (plus tax) who would say "no" to Combo B @monomonokfc?

Half Sauce / Half Dry
Choice of Mild or SPICY (chose Mild)
6 pc. Teriyaki Soy
2 pc. Drumsticks
3 pc. Tenderloin
Saucy Popcorn Chicken
Double toast (no slaw)

It was all delicious, definitely will return.

After we explored the Denver Zoo & Denver Museum of Nature & Science for five hours, we walked one mile through City Park to have dinner at Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken.

Upon entering there was 1 waitress at the bar who instructed us to sit anywhere we liked.

After picking the only wet table in the restaurant, we picked a different table/booth combination against the back wall before settling in (aka removing cold weather layers.)

On the walk over, we decided to order so when the waitress came, after we were settled, by with waters, we promptly ordered Combo B, "mild", 86 the slaw, instead subbing for an extra piece of Texas toast.

During our Wednesday night visit, there were two other occupied tables: a table of two on the same wall of booths/table combos as well as a family of three in the middle booth. During our visit, these were the only 3 occupied tables. As we were leaving several more patrons entered the restaurant

While we waited for our food, we visited the bathroom to wash our hands, noting that it was stocked and relatively clean. Albeit noting both paper hand towels and toilet paper were set on the back of the toilet, rather than in their respective wall unit holders.

Our food arrived 20 minutes after we went to the bathroom, so around 25 minutes after ordering and we immediately asked for a to-go box, don't be fooled Combo B is a plethora of food. We portioned half of the food (chicken) in the to-go boxes and began to tackle the mountain of fries (cold fries are a "no-go")

I was surprised at how good all the food was, my favorite was the teriyaki soy followed closely by the saucy popcorn chicken.

Service was good, the one waitress managed the three tables well, ensuring we each had everything we needed. She was always within earshot if anything came up during our meal.

One negative was that I asked for a cup of hot water (to make a cup of tea) and she stated they did not have water (even at the bar) but could ask the kitchen to boil a cup for me, which I declined.

Overall a great experience, with great food at a very reasonable price.

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